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Fuel efficiency by maintaining vehicle

7 ways to decrease your fuel consumption

By |July 15th, 2022|

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes your gasoline decreases faster than on other occasions? There are several reasons why this might happen. Exxon Mobile and Fuel Economy agree on some aspects that can affect directly your fuel consumption.

Auto TechGuard took a moment to group the easiest actions you can do to leverage proper vehicle maintenance which guarantees optimal fuel consumption.


Fix every engine issue as soon as possible.

When you detect any malfunction in your vehicle’s performance, don’t hesitate to call your garage or car maintenance. It could be a minor issue, but in some cases, it can turn into something serious, so it is better to check it on time to avoid further complications. 

When your car isn’t working properly, it might use more fuel than usual trying to compensate for the malfunctioning parts.

Vehicle with low fuel-Auto TechGuard

Be aware of the signs your vehicle sends you, like the check engine light or any other indicator on your dashboard that tells you something is wrong. 

Modern cars tell you specifically which problem you need to take care of, while others just report the check engine light as a general problem to be solved. Nevertheless, listen to your vehicle when it communicates with you.

Use the proper motor oil.

Not every piece, part, or spare is suitable for every car. The same happens with the motor oil that you pour inside it. The quality may vary from one brand to another, plus every vehicle needs specific motor oil to operate correctly or even perform better.

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Not taking into account this essential aspect will directly affect the engine, have a bad car performance, and improper fuel efficiency. Your vehicle will operate as it shouldn’t, having a substantial variation in the fuel consumption it regularly uses.

Replace the air filters.

If you are not familiar with what an air filter does, it simply assures that the air that passes through the cylinders to combine with the fuel is completely clean and free of wastes that could quickly go into the engine. 

Depending on the air quality, the fuel consumption could be altered and consumed more than it regularly does.

Air filter replacement to lower fuel consumption-Auto TechGuard

Just imagine if parts of the engine had debris. The harm will be terrible and even irreparable! 

The best thing to do is to replace the air filter every 5000 miles. This will considerably reduce fuel consumption because your engine will be clean and your car won’t work more than it has to.

Check the tire pressure.

If you have underinflated tires, you will have more rolling resistance than if they were pumped up or have a bigger size. This creates more friction that eventually will turn into more fuel consumption.

Tier inflation will help your fuel economy-Auto TechGuard

Inflate your tires. There is a specific measurement depending on the size of the wheel or car. Do not go further than that length, or the tire could explode. 

Having the proper amount of air will allow you to have better control of the vehicle and hence, save some gasoline. It is recommended to check the air pressure in your tires once a month.

The faster you drive, the expensive it could be

Lower gears require more fuel than higher gears. When your car works harder, it consumes more than when it just goes without any interruption. Therefore, there will be a higher usage when the vehicle starts or goes up a ramp. The more force your car needs, the more gasoline it will use.

If you go faster, your fuel consumption will be higher, but if you go too slow, you will also need a lot of gasoline because you will be using the lower gears. 

The best thing to do is to try to go between 30 and 60 MPH so that the car goes at a good speed but is not so forced. You can use higher gears and let the vehicle flow without forcing it.

Rush hour is the moment when you consume more fuel as you only use your lowest gear, which is the strongest, only to move a couple of feet. 

Also, braking aggressively will make you go to the lowest gear and start over, so it is better to reduce your speed gradually using a lower gear than the one you are driving instead of stopping completely.

Driving with AC on

Driving on a hot day is a synonym for rolling the windows down. But that’s not the best idea if you focus on fuel economy. This will create air resistance that might slow the car and, therefore, will need to work harder when accelerating. 

If you go even faster, the air resistance will be higher, and your vehicle will need more energy, increasing the need for gasoline use.

Air conditioning instead of rolling the windows contribute in fuel consumption-Auto TechGuard

If you don’t want to waste too much fuel, the best thing to do is try the air conditioning. You will be cool, and there wouldn’t be unnecessary expenses.

Be aware of the weight you are carrying.

More people in the car or more bags in your trunk means more weight. More weight means extra force, and therefore more gasoline is needed. 

Don’t take anyone out of the car; that’s not the solution. But take note that if you are going on a trip with some company, you will have to spend a bit more at the gas station.


All these recommendations have in common the prevention related to vehicle maintenance, which you must attend to immediately to avoid severe damage that may cost you a lot and that can be prevented with time. 

Contact a specialized garage that can repair everything related to your engine or other issues that affect your car. 

As a final tip for your fuel economy, keep in mind that leaving your car on without moving it also consumes a lot. If you’re waiting over three minutes, it is better to turn it off. 

Also, it is recommended to keep a journal of every time you put gasoline in the car to know exactly how many miles you can travel per gallon, and also, it allows you to compare the prices of different gas stations over time.

What other tips do you know that could help to achieve an optimal fuel consumption? 

Leave us your recommendations in the comments and don’t forget to visit Auto TechGuard to find more information and all the solutions you need in car