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Diversify your portfolio with our new Solutions for Electric Vehicles


Increase your profits and become a leader in the automotive industry today!

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Diversify your portfolio with our new Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Why Auto TechGuard

Auto TechGuard is a Premier Provider of Extended Vehicle Protection Service Contracts and Ancillary Products.

We have 75+ years of vast know-how in the F&I industry, in addition to an extensive background in Vehicle Protection Service Contracts in the US.

What Auto TechGuard Offers Agents

The Automotive Industry is incredibly demanding. ATG works to tailor programs to any business model and has the experience and knowledge to navigate and provide excellent Vehicle Protection Plans through industry analysis, actuarial studies, combined with basic dealer/consumer needs, which are the drivers of our program.

ATG innovates with the ongoing development of a friendly & easy-to-use Reporting Suite App that allows consumers to manage their coverage, file claims, and request emergency roadside assistance. Also, it allows you to boost the Extended Service Contract through our advanced technology.

ATG covers all makers and models: Asians, Domestics, Highline, and Exotics are all eligible.

Our Agents will benefit from

Industry Leading Commissions

Increase your profits and become a leader in the Automotive Industry.

Access a Full Suite of Products

Expand your portfolio with all kinds of appealing coverages and extended contracts that track Dealerships’ attention, including vehicles up to 20Yrs old and with up to 200K mileage.

Experienced Support Staff

ATG provides Industry Specialization Training and Coaching for your personnel and team on using our Technology Platforms.

Agile ATG Mobile App

Offer Dealers the ability to provide their end consumers with a friendly & easy-to-use Mobile App that manages it all: vehicles service contracts, guaranteed asset protection, tire and wheel coverage, total loss protection, and keep track of growth and productivity.

Our Vehicle Protection Plans

Our Extended Service Contracts offer different types of Coverages to meet
your Car Protection needs:

Powertrain Coverage

Vehicles up to 20 years old and 200,000 miles. Turbocharging, engine, seals and gaskets, even transmission.

Get Our Powertrain Coverage Brochure

Bronze Coverage

Vehicles up to 20 years old and 200,000 miles. Extend your protection to the Fuel and A/C systems.

Get Our Bronze Coverage Brochure

Silver Coverage

Vehicles up to 15 years old and 150,000 miles. Includes additional coverage for suspension and power steering.

Get Our Silver Coverage Brochure

Gold Exclusionary Coverage

Vehicles up to 8 years old and 80,000 Miles. Also applicable for rideshares such as Uber/Lyft or similar.

Get Our Gold Coverage Brochure

Platinum Wrap Exclusionary Coverage

Vehicles up to 8 years old and 80,000 Miles. Available for Vehicles under 1 ton for personal and commercial usage.

Get Our Platinum Coverage Brochure

Doubts about Becoming an ATG Agent?

FAQs regarding our Vehicle Protection Plans and our Extended Service Contract

1 – What does the Vehicle Protection Plan cover?

Coverage will depend on your chosen plan. ATG covers all vehicles kinds and brands.

2 – How do the Vehicle Protection Plans work?

ATG works actively to manage and immediately resolve your claims submitted through our Mobile App.

3 – Are Vehicle Protection Plans worth it?

Having a Vehicle Protection Plan will help you with all pre-sell steps (check-up and maintenance).

4 – Which car brands do your Vehicle Protection Service Plans cover?

ATG covers all makers and models: Asians, Domestics, Highline, and Exotics are eligible.

5 – Could my clients transfer the Vehicle Protection Plan Contract to the car’s new owner?

Yes, the Vehicle Protection Service Contract can effortlessly be transferred through the ATG Reporting Suite App. If you have any further doubts fell free to ask us directly.

How to Become an ATG Agent?

Our quick step-by-step process allows you to offer your customers the best Car Protection Services

Our Step-by-Step Process

Contact Us

  • Through our website.
  • Send us an E-mail.
  • Give us a call on our Agents’ Hotline.

Conversation Time

  • Benefits for your business.
  • Requirements of the Service Contracts.
  • Process Flow Chart presentation.

Good News

  • Signing the documentation.
  • Welcome aboard.

Real-Time Assistance for End-Users

  • No more intermediation from Dealerships.
  • Convenient reporting suite for end-users that will benefit from immediate and diligent support.
  • Introduce your customer to their new indispensable App.

We Offer Continual Support

  • Assistance is available during all your Sales and Post-Sales Processes.
  • Effective and efficient responses.

Captivate your Customers With a New Proposal

  • Offer your clients the best deals.
  • Improve your selling record faster.

How Does Our Auto TechGuard App Works?

The ATG Suite App is currently under ongoing development to make Car Protection Plans
Accessible and friendly to your customers.

Get ATG Reporting Suite

  • Download Our App
  • Sign In/ Log In
  • Transparent follow-up

A Real-time Virtual Assistant

  • Use the reporting suite to follow up on all of your claims
  • Get an Immediate response
  • You can count on this trustful tool in case of emergency or claims. Everything you need in the palm of your hand

ATG Reporting Suite App

  • Register your covered vehicles
  • File and manage claims (or let app manage them for you)
  • Review your coverage and edit your account info

Seamless Repair Shop Assistance

  • Receive your repair shop location
  • Get in & out in record time
  • Easily transfer your vehicle policy

Be a Leader in The Most
Innovative Automotive Market

Be competitive in your field and get incremental profits in the hands of ATG experts who will provide you with the tools to achieve your business and personal goals finally. Provide your customers with the best Vehicle Protection Plans available.

Join to offer our SolutionsElectricEVvsc EV extended Vehicle Protection services.

Fill out our form, and our team will get in touch with you within 1 day for a free consultation, or you can give us a call at 833-344.8273, our specialists will assist you instantly.


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