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Keep Your Car Going: Easy Car Maintenance for Beginners

By |April25th, 2023|

As a car owner, it’s important for you to understand how to properly maintain your vehicle, especially as time goes by. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your car, improve its performance, and save you money in the long run.

However, although regular trips to the car shop can be out of budget for many, people are still intimidated by the idea of doing these tasks on their own. The truth is, basic car maintenance tasks are simple and easy to perform with a little bit of know-how.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the essential car maintenance tasks that every car owner should know. We’ll walk you through the steps needed to keep your car running smoothly. So grab your toolbox and let’s get started!


Oil Changes

  • For this, you will need the necessary tools and equipment, including a wrench, oil filter wrench, oil drain pan, and new oil filter and oil.
  • Locate the oil drain plug and remove it to drain the old oil into the pan. Once the oil is drained, replace the drain plug and remove the old oil filter.
  • Install the new oil filter and refill the engine with the recommended amount of new oil.
  • Check the oil level with a dipstick to ensure it’s at the proper level.
  • After all that is done, start the engine and check for leaks.

How often should you do it? It’s recommended to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and driving habits.


Brake maintenance

brake maintenance is important for your safety
  • Visually inspect the brake pads and rotors for wear and tear. Replace them if necessary.
  • Check the brake fluid level and top up if it’s low.
  • Bleed the brakes to remove any air in the system and ensure proper brake function.
  • Inspect the brake lines for leaks or damage and replace them if necessary.
  • Finally, test the brakes by taking the car for a drive and ensure that the pedal feels firm and the car stops smoothly.

How often should you do it? Brake maintenance is recommended every 6 months. Brake pads should be replaced every 25,000 to 65,000 miles, while rotors should be changed anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles.


Air filter maintenance

  • Locate the air filter housing.
  • Remove the old air filter and inspect it for dirt and debris.
  • If it’s dirty, replace it with a new one.
  • Clean the air filter housing using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any debris.
  • Ensure that the air filter housing is properly sealed before closing it.

How often should you do it? Air filters should be checked every 15,000 miles, or more often if you live in an area with dusty roads and pollution.


Car fluid checks

fluid changes in cars are often overlooked
  • First, locate the fluid reservoirs, including the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.
  • Ensure that the car is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off before checking the fluid levels.
  • Remove the dipstick or cap and check the fluid levels using the markings on the dipstick or reservoir.
  • If the fluid levels are low, top up to the recommended levels.

How often should you do it? Every single one of these fluids will have different changing times, so keep an eye out regularly.


Headlight and taillight maintenance

  • Start by visually inspecting them for cracks, chips, or other damages.
  • Replace any damaged bulbs or covers if necessary.
  • Clean the headlights and taillights using a soft cloth and a mild detergent to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Finally, ensure that the headlights are correctly aligned to prevent blinding other drivers.

How often should I do it? You should replace them when the light is not enough to see in the dark, or if it’s giving you constant trouble.


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