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Your Car Needs New Year’s Resolutions Too

By |December 28th, 2022|

A new year is a new beginning… and a great opportunity to shake off bad car maintenance habits

2022 is almost over… What a year!


As a new beginning approaches, it’s time to look back to all of this year’s achievements and start thinking about where to go next. You probably are already working on your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re the overachieving kind, maybe you already have your list set.

But what about your car resolutions?

Yes, you read right. After all, your vehicle is a daily staple and you have been through so much together, from the everyday commute to exciting road trips. It’s only fair that you give back and make the most of your four-wheel drive in 2023.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the most common and useful goals for car owners, certified by Auto TechGuard.

 1. Do timely maintenance checks

Start off the new year on the right foot by not neglecting your vehicle . Maintenance checks are often forgotten by car owners until mechanical trouble arises, and by then it’s too late. We’re talking batteries, tires, brakes and everything in between. If you follow the correct schedule, your car will stay in service all year long.

 2. Don’t forget about checking fluids

Although fluids are part of a complete maintenance schedule, they deserve their own item on this list because of how easy it is to forget them. If you don’t want to waste precious time visiting your mechanic way more than you should be, top off your fluids in due time:

  • Motor Oil: check monthly.
  • Transmission Fluid: check monthly.
  • Coolant (Antifreeze): check twice a year.
  • Brake Fluid: check every time you change your oil.
  • Power Steering Fluid: check monthly.
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid: check monthly.

3. Take complementary driving lessons

But why, you may ask? For instance, you might learn new things that will keep you safer on the road. If you take more advanced classes, like high-speed car control and winter driving, you will get new knowledge to prepare yourself for emergency situations. They are also kind of fun!

4. Plan a road trip

Once you’re sure that your car is in its best condition, why not break out of the routine? Pick a destination and remind yourself of the freedom you first felt when you realized you could go anywhere. It’s a treat you deserve.

5. Learn emergency basics for the road

If you don’t know how to change your own tires or how to jump-start a vehicle, the time is now. You never know when you might need it.

 6. Get back-up with the best car protection plans

Keeping up with everything mentioned above can be a hassle, but Auto TechGuard makes it easy with the most comprehensive extended service contracts and ancillary services in the industry!

ATG’s Resolution is to Keep Reaching for the Sky With Premium Vehicle Protection Plans and Services

For the next year, we want to become the leading brand for vehicle protection

For Auto Tech Guard, 2022 was all about growth: we took our already established, successful brand and gave it a boost to the future!

We launched new webpages, came up with a fresh image and worked on exciting projects that will open up a myriad of possibilities for 2023.  Now, we want to help our clients achieve all their vehicle protection goals and more.

How will we do that? Through our own resolutions:

 1. Get our new website to rank in the first page of Google

To keep more people safe on the road, we must get known first. We’re aiming for the very top!

 2. Make the US the first ATG country by reaching all 50 states

We are only 6 states away to cover all the highways in the United States of America. 

It’s simple: More territory = more opportunities to protect vehicles and families.

 3. Launch ATG’s mobile app

We will be on the palm of your hand! Literally. Our highly efficient mobile app will protect you all the way to your destination and back, and answer your requests faster than trying to turn your car on a second time.

 4. Upgrade our customer service and experiences

From now on, our website will be even easier to navigate. We created an app, we are expanding to be closer to you… It’s all about bringing our A-game for your comfort. 

 5. Increase our brand trust through our value proposition

ATG’s value is strongly tied to our ability to fulfill the commitments we made to our clients since day one. We strive to continue being a brand of its word.

 6. Empower more sales teams with our interactive training programs 

We have the best training to help our agents and dealers get more than  very competitive commissions: the recognition and respect from their clients. 

Want to be part of this new chapter? 

Sign up to become an ATG Agent or Dealer today and watch your business grow with industry-leading products.