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An Easy-To-Use Vehicle Protection Service: Auto TechGuard Website Is Getting A Boost!

By |November 11th, 2022|

Just like you and your vehicle, ATG moves with the times!

For as long as Auto TechGuard has been around, the company has strived to provide your vehicle with the most complete protection plans in the market. Now, ATG wants to bring that same premium quality to the rest of their digital experience.

For this reason…

ATG has rebranded! 

And the website will be getting a much-needed upgrade.

Why? Because first impressions matter.

ATG is all about premium extended vehicle service contracts and ancillary products for agents and dealers, as well as top-notch user experience. These are values that should be conveyed from the first time our partners take a look at the business’ webpage.

During the past few months, the company has noticed that the current website is not quite working towards achieving the brand’s goals. That’s why we’re tuning our engines.

New Packaging, Same Premier Vehicle Protection Service

The ATG team has been working with field experts to bring forward a new and improved image that elevates your online experience, while also staying true to the brand’s professional essence.

Choosing who to trust with your vehicle coverage plans is not something to take lightly. That’s why ATG’s protection services are remaining as reliable and tailored as ever, but now will be boosted by:

  • Sleek graphics that showcase ATG’s service quality and a renewed brand identity that speaks to users!
  • Intuitive designs and navigation that encourage seamless navigation between pages
  • Top-of-the-line user experience that takes care of every step of your ATG journey, from the initial stages to acquisition

All this together will make for the enhanced customer experience that distinguishes the company from the rest of the field, now in its 2.0 version.

You’re looking at the future of extended vehicle protection. ATG is ready to own the game with an updated strategy that offers you a whole new range of possibilities.

Speaking Of The Future: The ATG Suite App is Coming!

Quality vehicle protection will now be at your fingertips. The ATG Suite App will ensure that your Car Protection Plans and third-party services are always handy, thanks to its new user-friendly interface.

Through the ATG Suite App, you will be able to:

  • Get immediate customer support for emergencies and claims with our Real-Time Virtual Assistant
  • Keep and update your vehicle protection information in one place
  • Arrange the full repair process for your covered vehicles in record timing

Want a sneak peek?

You can start getting a feel of ATG’s refreshed image with this exclusive look at the new pages for Agents and Dealers!


A New Hub for Agents

ATG - Agents page

Join our Dealers Crew

ATG - Dealers

The new pages allow all current and potential partners to have a better idea of all the benefits that come with being part of the ATG family.

The Electric Vehicle customers will also enjoy a brand new page dedicated to their coverage plans. Find out how you can also protect your EV with the most complete programs in the market and sign up on the spot.


Your Electric Vehicle Deserves Innovative Protection


If you liked what you saw so far, you’re in luck: the rest of the website will be even better. 


It’s time for ATG to take a leap into a new future. 


ATG’s rebranding is inspired by the need to improve the way the company does business with you, all while maintaining high-quality vehicle protection services as the top priority. The goal is to become your #1 choice when it comes to protecting your car, your family and yourself.

Don’t miss out on future updates to be among the first to see the release of the new website and features. Your vehicle protection services experience is about to get even more premium.