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Protect your family with summer car safety tips during the hot weather.

Protect Your Vehicle From the Heat with 5 Summer Care Car Tips

Essential Summer Car Care Tips and the Importance of Getting Prepared for the Effect of Summer on Your Machine

By | June 27th, 2023|

As the scorching heat of summer arrives, it’s crucial to give your car some extra care. High temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle, affecting its performance and causing a battery failure. The sun’s rays can damage your exterior and interior, so don’t forget to look at our summer car safety five hot tips.

Ensure your car stays in top condition throughout the summer by investing in an extended service contract and the best car protection plans. This post will explore the essentials for summer car care while emphasizing the importance of a comprehensive vehicle protection plan


What is an extended service contract?

An extended service contract for your car is a type of warranty or protection plan that provides coverage for repairs and maintenance beyond the original manufacturer’s

warranty. With this kind of contract, you can be covered for unexpected repairs due to mechanical breakdowns or failures. 

Luckily, Auto TechGuard knows best. If you want your car to be in top shape this season, here are some of the most essential summer car care tips to remember for your drives:


1. Keep Your Engine Cool

  • How often do you perform car maintenance checks? Extreme heat can put a lot of strain on your engine, battery, and various mechanical components. 
  • Confirm if your coolant levels are topped off, and check for leaks or damage on the radiator or hoses.
  • Park in shaded areas or use insulation under the hood to minimize direct sun exposure. This will help keep your engine cool during this summer.

Consider getting your car’s air conditioning system serviced to ensure it’s working correctly and keeping you refreshed on those hot summer drives. 


2. Protect Both Exterior and Interior

Before summer starts, choose the best vehicle protection service

An intense summer can cause damage to your car’s paint, leading to fading and oxidation. Knowing how often you need to wash and wax your car, your vehicle will create a barrier against the sun’s harmful rays, and applying a paint sealant to provide an extra layer of protection against UV rays and pollutants is also recommended. 

The interior of your car is susceptible to heat-related damage. Use car shades to protect your dashboard and upholstery from direct sunlight. You can also use UV protectant on surfaces to prevent cracking and drying of leather seats.


3. Make sure your car has enough fluids

Like humans, cars require proper hydration during the heat months. Therefore, make sure to follow this summer car safety tip:

Regularly check your car’s liquids. In addition to coolant, inspect the oil, brake, transmission, and power steering fluid. Summer heat can cause these substances to evaporate, so make sure they are at proper levels.  


4. Test Your Battery and Air Filter

It’s essential to always keep your car’s air filters clean.  The dirt inside can restrict airflow to the engine, reducing performance and fuel efficiency. Replace or clean them as needed to maintain proper air circulation. Heat can also affect the battery, accelerating fluid evaporation and increasing the discharge rate. Once you know how to check your battery maintenance, ensure it has sufficient charge. Clean any corrosion on the terminals and ensure they are tightly connected.

Check your batteries as part of the car maintenance before summer starts

5. Pack a Summer Car Kit

Summer car care is essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly and looking its best during the scorching heat. Regular maintenance and attention to crucial areas become vital to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs. 

If an accident occurs, having a survival kit in your vehicle can save your life if you plan to take the roads. A good summer car kit includes:

  • Car Sunshade: A sunshade or a windshield visor can help keep your car’s interior cool by blocking out direct sunlight;
  • Car Fluids: Make sure to have car coolant, oil, brake, transmission, and steering fluid in case needed;
  • Hydration: Include water bottles for your consumption in case your car breaks down in the middle of a heatwave;
  • Jumper Cables: These are essential for jump-starting your car’s battery if it dies;
  • Portable Air Compressor: Useful for inflating tires, especially when you encounter low tire pressure or emergencies;
  • First Aid Kit: A basic first aid kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, gel pads, and other supplies can come in handy in case of minor injuries;
  • Basic Tool Kit: Include a set of wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and other essential tools that can be helpful for minor repairs or adjustments;
  • Duct Tape: A versatile tool for temporary fixes, securing loose parts, or taping up small leaks;
  • Flashlight: Choose a reliable, durable flashlight to help you see in the dark or to inspect your vehicle in low-light conditions;
  • Reflective Triangle or Road Flares: These provide visibility and can be placed behind your car to alert other drivers in case of an emergency or breakdown;
  • Spare Fuses: Carry spare fuses of different sizes that match your car’s fuse requirements, as blown fuses can cause electrical failures;

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