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Vehicle Protection Just Got Premium: Introducing Our 5-Star Website

By |January 25th, 2023|

What do people look for when they search for the best car protection plans? 

Extended coverage, reliable providers and innovative solutions are among the first qualities customers seek in order to feel safe. The automotive insurance industry is always changing and elevating itself to accommodate the demands of dealers, agents and clients, who are always ready to get into the next big thing.

Because of this, staying out of the loop about the latest digital developments is simply not an option.

For this year, Auto TechGuard’s primary goal is to continue providing you with the same high-end vehicle protection services, but we can only do that if the rest of our user experience matches the quality of the best car protection plans.

If you have kept up with us over the past few months, you might remember when we teased the newest upgrades to our brand image and website. Now, we’re here to tell you that the wait is over.


Auto TechGuard’s new website is finally here!


We have been working with industry experts to ensure that the new and improved ATG website is just a small step into the future of the vehicle insurance industry. Come see everything that’s in store for you in this journey!

Our Website Detailing

When you first enter, right now the first thing you will notice is the change to a sleek and modern design that accurately showcases the values ATG wishes to convey to its customers: we don’t just say we’re premier anymore, now we actually look the part.

By adopting a leading-edge design from our home page to everywhere else, we have been able to shift the focus to the information that actually matters to our agents and partner agencies like brochures, protection guides, blogs, benefits of working with ATG and more.

Here is a good comparison for you to see what we are talking about

We went from this:

old auto techguard website screenshot

To our leading-edge website design:

new auto techguard website design

This upgrade goes beyond being a graphic advantage. It also means our new website features intuitive designs and seamless navigation that make surfing between pages that much easier. 

You’ve already had a taste of what that looks like with our rebranded Electric Vehicles, Agents and Dealers tabs. Now, you don’t have to imagine how great it is to have it everywhere else.

ATG is committed to guiding you every step of the way, from the initial “getting to know each other” stage to the final acquisition. Our dedicated top-of-the-line user experience is designed to cater to your every need, and it’s now translated to a 2.0 virtual format.

Our Website Exterior Wash, Claying, Polishing, And Waxing

You asked and we delivered!

All of these improvements are the result of a months-long process of studying our users and working together with digital specialists.

A better understanding of our product

We reviewed how many times you found our extended service contracts on our page and how you got there so we can help you along the road.

The revamped ATG Experience

Providing an intuitive user experience, we created a simpler process. You won’t have to navigate with no particular goal in mind until you find information that might help. Instead, we added the equivalent of training wheels for you to get everything you need in one place! 

This Is Only The Beginning: App Coming Soon

Quality vehicle protection services will soon be a tap away!

The user-friendly ATG Suite App will ensure that your Car Protection Plans and all our partners’ possibilities cover from punctured tires to engine failures. 
Through the ATG Suite App, you can take advantage of 

  • Immediate customer support for emergencies and claims with our Real-Time Virtual Assistant
  • Keeping and updating your vehicle protection information in one place
  • Full repair process for your covered vehicles in record timing

We all know talk is cheap, but just like in our extended service contract for cars, we deliver what we offer.

Don’t just take this blog for it: go to our brand new ATG homepage and check our new website out!